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Here I will keep bookmarks and links I find interesting. I am making a new page for them so I need not clutter the main page. If you find a broken link, please, let me know. Thanks.


General Info:

  • Holoforum, the main source for info nowadays. Includes an archive of Colin’s original holography forum.
  • Holowiki, a nice compendium of info mostly contributed by Colin’s forum users. Lately it seems not to be updated too often.


  • Wler’s Laser-Projects page. Info for building your own light-meter.
  • John Sonley’s page. Great depictions of a nice sand-table (UK).
  • Steve Michael’s 3D Imagery, has great ideas for optics support building and a very detail description for building an holography table. He also provides nice hard copies of the main sections.
  • Ed Wesley’s page. I really like the “7 projects” paper. Also the section on test-strips is great! (Chicago, US).
  • Yves Gentet’s page. Awesome holograms. Supplies his own emulsion (ultimate), arguably the best out there.
  • Tommy Johnson’s page, with a great description of the evolution of a home-made holography-table (holography apparatus, he calls it).
  • Colin Kaminski’s page, he hosted the original holography forum. We owe him the world.
  • Michael Harrison blogged all his holography updates and activities. Great and informative reading.
  • Gregg Favalora’s page.

Holgraphic Material Suppliers:


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