Summertime… or So much to do, So little time

So, August is coming… this means lots of free time to tinker and play! And since Christmas I have gathered so many projects I am interested in working on, that, guess what, Summer will pass and I will have not progressed in any of them.

So, let me recap what my projects are right now:

  • Learning to use arduino, a wonderful programmable board to sense and control the world around you. If, like me you know absolutely nothing about electronics, this is a great place to start.
  • 3D scanning using DAVID laserscanner. Not only the basic manual thing. I want to use the arduino thingy to automate the scan process following the suggestions and good advice of the nice people at the forum. Thanks Walter.
  • Back to basis on holography. I have “managed” to get a nice concrete slab (yes, yes, I got it from  a dumpster on the street) that will help me a lot to solve my stability problems. Also, I still have slavich and Ultimate plates to play with, my new untested red laser… and a green one on its way! My idea is to start from the very basis… and document the whole process. The final aim is to build a holographic printer for stereograms. This will also require building a simple camera rig or dolly to take images to be converted into a stereogram.
  • You ever heard about 3D printing? Nice project to tackle if you have a nice 3D scanner, right. Take a look at what people are doing out there: Open3DP, Junior Veloso, and the HiRes 3D printer group. This sure looks like a tempting project to tackle!, doesn’t it?

I said it, so much to do, so little time…

Arduino board

Arduino board