When a Door Closes a Window Opens (even if it is holographic)

Just a quick note: after the sudden but not totally unexpected demise of the refence forum in holography, www.holographyforum.org, (see here the explanation of this proccess), a new forum seems to try to get its place, and hopefully will, if egos allow.

The new forum is www.holoforum.org and Ahmet deserves a big THANKS for putting it up. Best luck with this new adventure! At the time some long time contributors to the old forum are registered there.

I also want to thank Colin (Kaminski) for his constant effort over the last few years, first setting up the original Network54 forum, then the holographyforum, then the holowiki… and constantly kindly answer all questions from newcomers, spending lots of time on us.

Here is one of Colin’s holograms from his web site as an homage and thanks…


Mermaid by Colin Kaminski

Mermaid by Colin Kaminski