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“If you build it, he will come”…

Ok, not the most literary quote here, but if it rings the bell, then we are aboard the same boat…

So, who many times you think, “oh, it would be great if I could build a […], wouldn’t it?”. Just go and google it, chances are someone has already thought about it, and yes, surely built it too, and even have a nice forum set up full of wonderful people willing to share and help.

Well, how about building a Wacom Cinquit

Cintiq screen - pressure sensitive pannel...

Cintiq screen - pressure sensitive pannel...

The thing is a beauty, but just a bit pricey for just a whim… maybe Art & Design pros can afford it, but not me! I will do the googling for you, and the site to go is definitely Drew’s DIY Cinqit page… and his forums.

Anyway, isn’t it too much of an effort just to get a tablet PC?… not quite, since Wacoms are much more functional than just a mere tablet: they are pressure sensitive among other wonders… In any case, it is a little overkill if you are not a pro in Arts… hell, I don’t even draw!… but you know what?, it seems so much fun to build one, and I am sure it makes a great present for someone who works in arts.

So, here I go!… this is not a project for the faint hearted, though: we will be seeing the guts and most likely corpses of LCD monitors, pen tablets and the like… take out your weapons (let’s say s screwdriver and soldering iron) and let the game begin!


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